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‘The Craft’ Funko POP! Vinyl’s Are The Weirdos, Mister

by Trey Hilburn III
The Craft

The London Toy Fair certainly isn’t making it easy to keep money in our wallets. Just when you think you are out, they pull you back in… to collecting. Funko’s collection of POP! Vinyl keeps doing exactly that. Their latest collection of figures based on The Craft are all absolute must haves.

The set for The Craft figures includes teenage witches – Nancy Downs, Bonnie, Sarah Bailey and Rochelle.

This bit of news joins already exciting witchy news from earlier this month that had actress Bridget Monaghan talking about the direction The Craft remake would be taking.

In that update via Twitter, Monaghan said:

I would say a reimagining.  Zoe’s just really smart and it was just a great time being on that set. Spooky, but also really timely and relevant in terms of what it’s about and how she reimagined it. And it’s Blumhouse and I’ve been wanting to work with Jason for a while now so it was great to finally collaborate with him.

One piece of news circling around The Craft is already exciting. Two bits of news almost seems magical. Now we are off to play light as a feather, stiff as a board until we get more news about The Craft.

You guys excited to add these POP! Vinyl to your collection? Let us know your favorite in the comments section.

Head over to Entertainment Earth to get in your pre-orders.

The Craft

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