‘The Conjuring’ Spin Off ‘Annabelle’ Confirmed

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Everyone seems to love a creepy doll, like Annabelle from last year’s possession sensation, The Conjuring. Annabelle opens the film, being possessed by a demon, impersonating the soul of an innocent young girl, that a couple of college girls that can’t seem to get rid of (that is until Ed and Lorraine Warren arrive). Annabelle became very notable for her pale face and dead eyes that stare creepily right through you, so rumors of a spin off began. A few months ago, New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. had listed an unknown horror film to be released on October 3rd, but now we know what movie that is…

That’s right, Annabelle! Although at this point the plot is unknown, the film is directed by John R. Leonetti and produced by The Conjuring director James Wan and will star Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton. Anyone else think it’s weird that it will star an actress named Annabelle? Anyway, don’t forget to keep checking in with us for more news on this.


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