I’ve noticed that when we post an image from The Conjuring on our Facebook page it often reaches over a thousand likes.

This is why I was  surprised to see this guest blog pop into our inbox disappointed with the overall movie.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to see it this weekend for myself and be able to come to my own conclusions.  Until then – read what this horror fan has to say about the movie.  Let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree with his review.

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The Conjuring

The Conjuring – A Review by the self proclaimed King of Horror Andrew Guthlein

The Conjuring
Director – James Wan
Writers – Chad and Carey Hayes
Starring – Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Lili Taylor, Ron Livingston

Plot – Set in 1971, The Conjuring focuses on the Perron family and their struggle against the dark presence that has invaded the farmhouse they recently purchased along with their daughters. Soon, the famed and often controversial paranormal investigators; Ed and Lorraine Warren are called upon by the Perron family to investigate the terrifying occurrences in their new home.

The King’s Review – I preface this review by stating that I REALLY wanted to love The Conjuring. Everything seemed to be working in my favor with this film from the cast to the setting of the film; I am a huge fan of horror films from or set in the 1970’s. From all the previews and trailers I watched prior to the theatrical release, I thought The Conjuring just might be the film that I have been waiting to fill the void until Insidious Chapter 2. Personally, I have never been a fan of the real life Warrens because I’ve heard and read enough stories that bring into question the validity of their investigations especially that of the real Amityville Horror. The previews for the film managed to quash my less than favorable views of the paranormal investigation team and enticed to sit back and enjoy 112 minutes or pure horror.


Suffice to say, I did not get the experience I was hoping for with The Conjuring. As the credits rolled, I was left with the sense that The Conjuring is nothing more than all of the other haunted house/evil entity movies I’ve seen in the past. I did not see anything new, fresh, or original in any part of the movie and apparently the audience I was with felt the same. I have sat in on horror films where the theater is screaming and shrieking in delight at the terror on screen. During The Conjuring, I saw more people wandering out into the lobby and checking their watches than watching the movie screen. There was the typical jump scares prevalent with most horror films but for the most part, even those failed to impress. I went into the film with high expectations which I try and never do and ended up leaving dissatisfied. I head to the theater for every horror movie released with the expectation to be entertained and that’s where this movie fell flat for me.


I will say however, there are some elements to The Conjuring that kept my attention. First and foremost was the performance of Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren. He was the standout for me in Insidious and he brought another great performance in this film. I enjoyed each scene he was in and looked forward to the next time he was on screen opposite the always enjoyable; Vera Farmiga. Secondly, there were certain sequences (including a scene where a game of “hide and clap” becomes nightmarish) that kept me somewhat engaged. Also, a sequence involving a moment in the basement of the house where one of the characters is in certain peril managed to stand out as particularly creepy. However, those moments were few and far between unfortunately. Also surprising and thoroughly enjoyable was the inclusion of the song “In the room where you sleep” by the band Dead Man’s Bones. It fit the scene where the tune was placed perfectly and one of those moments I nodded in approval of.

In closing, The Conjuring is far from a perfect horror film. It’s a film that recycles the same formula that haunted house/evil entity films have been utilizing for decades. I would say this movie would be a fantastic rental when it becomes available for home entertainment purposes but less than worth the price I paid to see it in theaters.

What did you think of The Conjuring? Am I spot on with my review or do you completely disagree. Let the comments fall where they may.

Stay Scared and remember to plug in that nightlight before bed….
The King of Horror