The Conjuring Is #1 With Sales At $41.5 Million

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“The Conjuring” easily topped a crowded weekend with an eye-popping $41.5 million.

This amazing showing at the box office make it the best Horror debut of the year beating out the highly successful “The Purge” that just released in May.

It also had the second-best debut ever for an R-rated horror film, trailing only Paranormal Activity 3, which opened with $52.6 million in 2011.


The Conjuring’s debut marks a career high for Director James Wan, who broke onto the scene in 2004 with his $55.2 million hit Saw, a film so buzzy it steered horror films into the torture direction for years after its release. In 2011, Wan scored a spookier hit with Insidious, which, like The Conjuring, starred Patrick Wilson. Insidious earned $54 million against a $1.5 million budget and now has a sequel hitting theaters on September 13.

The Conjuring Director James Wan

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