‘The Conjuring 3’ Gets Fall 2020 Release Date

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While The Conjuring was my personal favorite horror movie of 2013, I can’t say I ever anticipated that it would give birth to the closest thing horror has to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yet here we are, with five films and over $1.5 billion in box office.

This summer, The Conjuring franchise adds its sixth film to the list, that being Annabelle Comes Home. Unlike the two prior Annabelle films, Annabelle Comes Home isn’t trying to be an origin story, and will instead see Annabelle terrorizing the Warren home.

While Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) are set to appear in Annabelle Comes Home, they won’t be the focal point. Serving as the protagonist this time will be their daughter Judy, now played by Captain Marvel’s McKenna Grace.

The next time the Warrens will take the spotlight proper will be in The Conjuring 3, which – as revealed to attendees of the Warner Bros. panel held at CinemaCon earlier this week – now has an official theatrical release date of September 11th, 2020.

Plot details for The Conjuring 3 are still unconfirmed, although it’s been reported that the sequel will involve a man being put on trial for murder that claims he was possessed by a demon. One assumes The Warrens will be called in to investigate the case.

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