Ah yes, The Conjuring 2, a movie definitely on my top 5 horror movies of 2016. A well-rounded, scary movie with well executed jumps scenes and imagery that sends chills down the spine of even the most weathered horror enthusiasts.  However, viewers seem to be asking a lot of questions about Valak, our demon antagonist, and whether or not he should appear as a nun.

If you follow James Wan’s work in the horror genre as closely as I do, you would undoubtedly know that he always put a lot of research into the background of the story. Wan had spoken to Lorraine Warren regarding her encounters, not only of the aforementioned hauntings but others also. But this doesn’t mean that the movie will always be true. Before I point out a part of the movie explaining why Valak is a Nun, it is important to know a few facts.

  1. The Demon Valak is a real Demon
  2. Valak resembling a Nun was made up for the movie.
  3. There is no real life connection between the Amityville haunting and the Enfield haunting.


Yes the demon Valak is a known, quite powerful Demon who supposedly takes the form of a small boy with angel like wings…not a Nun.  In one of the many conversations with Lorraine,  Wan was told about an image she had of a hooded figure appearing in a vortex like surrounding. Wan, needing a disturbing image for his demon and a link between the two hauntings, developed this concept into the Nun. Spoiler: We did for a brief second see another interpretation of Valak when Lorraine cast the demon back to hell towards the end. But the figure still did not resemble the traditional image of Valak and took on more of a Satan like appearance.   

Valak Demon Form
How Valak Appears when being cast back to hell

But James Wan not being a believer of the ‘open to interpretation’ style story line needed a reason for Valak appearing as a Nun. Therefore the following clip from the movie will point out Lorraine’s explanation for seeing the demon in the form of a Nun.


Lorraine (the character) believed that Valak appeared as a Nun to make her question her religious beliefs. So now you can thank me in the comments box, for saving you hours searching the internet for the answers.