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‘The Cleaning Lady’ – Entertaining & Delivers Quite A Disturbing Punch!

by Ryan T. Cusick

I absolutely love discovering new horror films and I will watch anything no matter how bizarre it may seem, everything deserves a chance and that brings me to the newly released film from Director Jon Knautz – The Cleaning Lady. Wait, I know what y’all are probably thinking when reading this title, however, rest assured that this movie is quite well put together, entertaining and delivers quite a disturbing punch. Our film follows a young woman by the name of Alice (Alexis Kendra) who are trying to find means to distract herself from a slight problem with her boyfriend, he has a wife. Alice is a beauty therapist and ‘love addict’ attending meetings on a regular basis. Alice really wants to come out ahead and be the better person and wants this relationship to end. Looking for a distraction Alice quickly befriends her newly hired cleaning lady Shelly (Rachel Alig). Shelly is a bit different as she suffers from bad burn scars on her face that she received as a child. Alice soon realizes that her new friend wants to do a little more than just clean her home and has a hidden agenda with Alice’s name written all over it!

RLJ Entertainment Presents – ‘The Cleaning Lady’

With the storytelling on-point, The Cleaning Lady was quite an appealing watch, even though the first act served as a slow start the film was stylishly-shot and gave the audience a great peek into the mind of a truly disturbed person. The film does not lack in gore and is pretty damn creepy demonstrating what severe child abuse can lead to once the victim becomes an adult. 

With a brutal cringing third act The Cleaning Lady presents us all with something that we haven’t seen in quite some time that will leave a permanent scar on moviegoers for a while. I got to admit I never saw the ending coming which is part of why it’s so disturbing. When I think about a film or want to chat about it for weeks to come, I know that is great storytelling and the filmmakers succeeded. If you enjoy gore that will make you squeal and want something more than just loud noises and jump scares, this movie will definitely satisfy the craving.

Now Available On Demand, Digital HD and DVD.

RLJ Entertainment Presents – ‘The Cleaning Lady’

RLJ Entertainment Presents – ‘The Cleaning Lady’


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