The Chilling True Story Behind ‘The Disappointments Room’

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The process of purchasing a home is already a horrifying enough experience. What with credit checks, loans, bargaining, escrow and moving. In addition to those factors, some unlucky folks, find out that they moved into a house with a history of being in a bad crime area, being haunted or for having a hidden “disappointments room” built in. Wait, what? Yea, true story and also the stuff of nightmares.

A few years ago and HGTV episode of “If  Walls Could Talk,” featured new homeowners Laurie and Jeff Dumas who bought a home in Rhode Island and discovered that Laurie’s dream home was hiding some dark secrets in the attic. The house turned out to have belonged to a prominent Judge.

When they went exploring in the attic, they discovered a strange room that was a partitioned off from the rest of the space. The space was dead-bolted off and the interior’s entire floor was made of metal. When Laurie went looking for answers at the local library, she received an answer that would have chilled me to the bone. Someone informed her that she had a disappointments room.

Laurie learned that, a disappointments room was somewhere that some families would imprison a child who was born with disabilities. These families would keep these children locked away from sight. In this case a Judge had locked away their daughter Ruth, inside of the room.

“The Disappointments Room” is a retelling of that true story. Director, D.J. Caruso’s (Disturbia) film revolves around, couple Dana (Kate Beckinsale) and David and their 5-year-old son. When Dana discovers a small mysterious locked room in the attic, things begin to go bump-in-the-night and Dana begins to doubt her sanity.

Get a look at the “If Walls Could Talk” episode that inspired “The Disappointments Room” and check out the chilling trailer.

“The Disappointments Room,” opens in theaters Sept. 9.

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