The Changeling Remake

‘The Changeling’ is the Next Classic Horror to Get a Remake

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It seems like Hollywood is not afraid of bringing back things from the dead. A trailblazer for the haunted house sub-genre, The Changeling looks to join the ranks of classics receiving the reboot treatment.

But with films like The Conjuring dominating the supernatural playground, how will this film standup to its forerunners? Perhaps the help and experience of an old friend will give The Changeling a major advantage.

The Changeling Remake

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cornerstone Films – along with German production company X Filme – are looking to bring this spectral classic back to life. The Changeling will be Cornerstone’s first feature film, and will be a collaboration between German’s Beta Cinema and Cornerstone.

Beta Cinema is a sister company to X Filme, which bought a minority stake in Cornerstone back in February according to Variety. Their aim is to create, fund, distribute and sell commercially driven English-language films.

Mark Steven Johnson (Ghost Rider, Killing Season) is set to write and direct this revised version of The Changeling. The story will follow musician Joe Carmichael who returns to his childhood home after the death of his young daughter. He soon finds out that the house is haunted by the ghost of a child and begins to uncover a truly terrifying family secret. Unlike the 1980s original, the setting will change from Seattle to Venice, Italy.

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Joel Michaels, who produced the 80s Changeling, is returning to haunt the producer chair along with Uwe Schott and Stefan Arndt. Mark Gooder and Alison Thompson will executive produce the reboot.

“It is a rare if not unique privilege to be able to remake The Changeling, a film that I developed and produced many years ago,” said Michaels to Variety. “I loved the bones of the story then, and with today’s technology it allows us to reset the stage for an even more exciting interpretation by relocating the film to Italy where the mood and ambience of Venice will virtually be an added mysterious character in the film.”

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We are definitely curious to see how Michaels (who also acted as a producer on Stargate and Lolita) updates this version of The Changeling. The idea of a remake is often met with a hefty dose of skepticism, and Mark Steven Johnson doesn’t have a lot of credits under his belt to ease that concern. But we have faith that Michaels’ experience with the material will help make this film a hauntingly good time nonetheless.

Production is set to early 2019 in Venice.

What are your thoughts on The Changeling remake? Are you over Hollywood’s obsession with reboots? Let us know in the comments.

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