The Carrie Soundtrack Has An Awesome Bonus Track

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I don’t know how to describe it, but when a “Music From The Motion Picture” soundtrack for a widely released studio horror film is announced, I get nervous. I think back to something like the House of Wax soundtrack from 2005 and how it seemed thrown together to accompany the film. For the record, I thoroughly enjoy that soundtrack, but sometimes these albums just don’t seem to gel with the film. So when there’s an effort made to show that it’s not a grab bag of currently popular artists, I appreciate it. Such is the case with the Carrie soundtrack.

Music From the Motion Picture Carrie” dropped October 15 and features tracks from popular alternative artists like Passion Pit, Lord Huron and The Civil Wars. All of the songs on the soundtrack have been previously released by their respective artists EXCEPT for one, which is available as a “Bonus Track” (why it’s considered a bonus track when it’s released in every incarnation of the soundtrack is strange, but that’s besides the point). The twelfth and final song on the soundtrack is “Tombstone Blues” by Matrimony, which is a cover of the Bob Dylan song. If you don’t get the significance yet, you will soon.

Matrimony is a four-piece band out of Charlotte, North Carolina, and is fronted by husband and wife duo Ashlee Hardee Brown and Jimmy Brown. Holding down the couple are Ashlee’s two brothers Jordan and CJ Hardee. This family band has been playing music together since 2009 and just released their debut album “Montibello Drive” this past summer.

The reason the track is so cool on a horror level is because at the end of Stephen King’s novel, he quotes Dylan’s “Tombstone Blues.”

Now I wish I could write you a melody so plain
That could hold you dear lady from going insane
That could ease you and cool you and cease the pain
Of your useless and pointless knowledge

Film aside (I have yet to see it at the time I’m writing this), I love that there was a choice made to connect the source material to this version of Carrie. “Tombstone Blues” and Carrie were both written at a very different time, but to be aware of the song’s importance when retelling the story is a pleasant surprise. Also, the cover is just so dope. While Dylan’s original is driving and energetic, Matrimony’s rendition is a dreamier and meandering tune. Ashlee Hardee Brown’s got a slight country twang in her voice that works nicely with Dylan’s vivid lyrics. To just place Dylan’s song on the soundtrack would be out of place and dated. But that doesn’t mean the content doesn’t belong on the soundtrack, and Matrimony’s version flows nicely with the rest of the album while also standing out as the song that brings all the pieces of the Carrie puzzle together. Check it out below.

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