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The ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ Inspired Game ‘Green Hell’ Takes You Further Into Madness

by Trey Hilburn III
Green Hell

How can any of us possibly forget Cannibal Holocaust? Ruggero Deodato’s cannibal classic was messed up for a lot of reasons. Sure, there is the whole cannibal thing and the fact that the film is filmed in a way that feels a little bit too real. The real terror came after animal lovers in the audience. The film is notorious for killing real live animals on camera without cutaways or flinches. It’s a rough watch. But, I digress. Green Hell is Creepy Jar’s venture into the Amazon, its tribes and ultimately survival. Of course this game is heavily inspired by the before-mentioned Cannibal Holocaust.

The game is a savage and has a lot of emphasis placed on the survival part. In Green Hell, you have to build shelter, tools and weapons to hunt while also finding reliable sources for food and clean water. Of course, much like in Cannibal Holocaust some of the tribes are cannibals at times this poses a threat or two to your well being and to not being served up “your way, right away.”

Green Hell

The latest expansion The Spirits of Amazonia explores the world and the constraints of brutal survival mechanics. This time around the narrative acts as a prequel to what occurred in the games primary story the first time around.

The synopsis for Green Hell: The Spirits of Amazonia goes like this:

“You may think you know Jake’s story, but there’s much more to be revealed. In Spirits of Amazonia, an event taking place before Green Hell’s original Story Mode, players step into Jake’s shoes as he aims to befriend an Amazonian tribe for the first time. Tasked with new Legendary Quests, Jake will be put on this new path by the tribe’s mysterious Shaman as he uncovers new map areas and solves challenging riddles.”

  • New Mode – Spirits of Amazonia  – An all-new story happening before the events of Green Hell’s Story Mode.
  • New Map Area – A new map area separated from the map you know… for now.
  • Four New Legendary Quests – Piece together riddles, revealed by paintings on hidden stones all throughout the rainforest, to discover the tribe’s story and aid their village.
  • New Mushroom – Search inside of caves to find a new mushroom with mysterious properties.
  • New Spike Tree – Be careful! Chopping down a tree just got more dangerous, and just a tiny bit poisonous!
  • New Custom Building – Add a balcony onto your humble rainforest abode!

Green Hell is currently available on Steam for $24.99. The game is expected to come to consoles later in 2021. If you happen to already own the game, then the expansion is free.

Have you played Green Hell yet? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments section.

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