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The Bonkers ‘Sky Sharks’ Trailer is Filled with Zombies Flying on Sharks

by Trey Hilburn III

We have seen all sorts of madness when it comes sharks. Santa Jaws, Sharknado have all been pretty out there. Now, we have the latest trailer for Dark Sky Films, Sky Sharks.

The synopsis for the film goes like this:

75 years after World War II, an arctic research team discovers the Himmelsfaust, a colossal Nazi Warship thought to be long lost. Within they find Third Reich’s base for a weapon like no other: Sky Sharks. Jet-propelled, artillery-equipped, aeronautical and manned by an army of undead elite Nazi soldiers, these flying beasts were created to prevent the downfall of the Third Reich. But now they seek revenge and to claim their final victory – taking down the whole world with them in process, if they can…


This one looks insane and features Nazi zombies riding on the backs of aeronautic, killer sharks. These films are a very specific flavor for your cup of tea and are proudly wearing their bonkers on their sleeve.

Sky Sharks comes to VOD and blu-ray on Feb. 2.

Will you be watching Sky Sharks when it drops in early February? Let us know in the comments section.

Universal Monsters films are landing on YouTube for free though the month of January. Check the schedule out here.


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