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‘The Blackwell Ghost 3’ Begins a Brand New Spooky Haunted Adventure

by Waylon Jordan
Blackwell Ghost 3

Last Sunday, like many people around the world, I was killing time waiting for the season premiere of Game of Thrones. As usual, I hopped on YouTube to while away a few hours, only to come face to face with the trailer for The Blackwell Ghost 3.

You know, my feelings were just almost hurt to see that not only had the trailer been up for three days, but it was already available to rent or buy on Amazon. You’d think after my rather extensive coverage of both The Blackwell Ghost and The Blackwell Ghost 2, that Turner Clay, the director. would have sent me a little message to let me know it was ready to go.

Ah well, I was willing to let it go, and without too much prompting I was off to Amazon to check out the latest entry in his documentary-style paranormal franchise.

As it turns out, Clay left the house from the first two films behind and headed down to Florida, this time to a home that once belonged to a serial killer based in Florida named James Lightfoot.

Now, as with the first two films, the director/star of the show is adamant that what we’re seeing is real. He presents his “research,” speaks with Lightfoot’s son Joseph, and even throws in a few victim names and missing posters to keep it as reality-based as possible.

There is one new element here, however. Clay asserts that after his experiences in the Blackwell house, he has begun to notice strange patterns in his dreams and it was one such dream that set him on the road to Florida.

In the dream, he saw a woman and heard the name “Sarah Baker.” A while later, he was online and came across a picture of the woman and to his surprise, that was indeed her name.

I don’t want to give too much more away for those who want to watch the film for themselves, which I do highly recommend. I’ll only say this, there have been a LOT of serial killers in Florida…but James Lightfoot doesn’t appear to be one of them.

Turner Clay setting up cameras in The Blackwell Ghost 3

Fact vs. fiction aside, Clay proves again that he is very good at taking simple scenarios and infusing them with tension.

In The Blackwell Ghost 3, he’s working with a much smaller space than he had in the previous two, but the house itself is still quite creepy. In particular, a long, narrow hallway in the center of the house seems to stretch for miles with just the right placement from a stationary camera.

He also replaces the running faucets and footsteps of the previous two films with a landline phone that mysteriously rings each night at 2:47 am, and knocking sounds that run the gamut from what you might hear on your front door when your best friend comes to visit up to and including cops-about-to-bust-your-door-in.

It’s absolutely amazing that these three things can be combined in ways that can create such a visceral reaction in the viewer.

Clay, himself, also works as the protagonist in these films. His folksy manner and delivery really makes you want to believe that what the guy is telling you is true.

This new chapter in Clay’s franchise works just as well as the first two, and even comes with the promise of a fourth installment at the end of the film which will continue his new investigation.

The Blackwell Ghost 3 is available to rent or buy on Amazon, and is a must-see for fans of documentary-style supernatural horror. Heavy on mood and atmosphere and light on special effects, it carries on the tradition of films like 1963’s The Haunting quite admirably, bringing the tropes in to the 21st Century.

Check out the film today, and tune in next week, for a deep dive into the film.

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