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‘The Banana Splits’ Horror Movie Gets Solid R-Rating by the MPAA

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You know…it’s not often that I read a sentence that has so many confusing elements in one place, but as I wrote the headline for this article, I have to admit I was a little stumped. Confusing or no, it seems that The Banana Splits, based on the popular Sid & Marty Krofft children’s series, has been made into an R-rated horror film set for release later this year.

For those unfamiliar with the series, the show was hosted by a costumed quartet made up of Fleegle the Beagle on guitar and vocals, Drooper the Lion on bass, Bingo the Gorilla on drums, and Snorky the Elephant on keyboards.

The group would present a variety of songs, cartoons, and skits to a live studio audience with the Krofft brothers’ signature brand of fantastic humor.

The new film, directed by Danishka Esterhazy (Black Field), centers on a boy named Harley and his family who attend a taping of the show for his birthday. Things soon go awry, however, and what was meant to be a celebration becomes a fight for survival.

The project, created by Warner Brothers and the Syfy network, was first reported by Deadline back in February of this year. Earlier today MovieWeb reported that the film had received its R-rating for horror violence and gore.

It’s hard to escape the Five Nights at Freddy’s feel to the setup for the film, and honestly, we can’t wait to see just how they morph the popular children’s show into a horror show.

The Banana Splits will receive a home video release followed by a television debut on Syfy.

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