The Awesome ‘Leprechaun’ Toy That Was Almost Released!

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This week marked the return of a horror icon, as the reboot Leprechaun: Origins was released for purchase through VOD outlets. Well, it’s not exactly the return of the character we’ve come to know and love, as the reboot is a total departure from the original series, but you get what I’m trying to say.

While pretty much all of the big franchise horror icons have been given many of their own toys over the years, the loveable pint-sized Leprechaun has unfortunately gotten the shaft on that front, with not a single toy ever managing to see release.

Once upon a time, however, he came damn close…

SOTA Toys’ Now Playing line was home to some pretty cool action figures, the first three series’ including the likes of The Toxic Avenger, a Dog Soldiers werewolf and even one of those Nazi demons from An American Werewolf in London. In 2006, prototypes for the fourth series were whipped up and shown off at the San Diego Comic Con, which marked the first and last time they were ever seen.


Included in the line was none other than the Leprechaun, which was to be the little guy’s first ever action figure. As seen above, the toy was going to include a well display base and an alternate melting head, allowing you to recreate the climactic final moments of the first film.

Unfortunately, SOTA was shut down before Series 4 of the Now Playing line saw release, and all of the figures that were to comprise the line were forever shelved as a result. The series was to also include a Killer Klown and Herbert West, as well as Tremors and American Werewolf in London box sets.



Also planned at one point by SOTA was this Leprechaun bust, depicting the title character sitting atop his precious pot of gold. Like the action figure, the bust was shown off at the 2006 San Diego Comic Con, and died along with the end of the company.

Will we ever get the chance to add Leprechaun to our toy collections? Perhaps if we wish hard enough!

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