Review: “The Autopsy of Jane Doe”

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Written by Ina Creekbaum

Spoiler alert!!!!! An attempt will be made to keep spoilers to a minimum but if you don’t want any at all do not keep reading.

I will admit that I began watching The Autopsy of Jane Doe with zero expectation; because I had not heard anything about this movie.

The story begins with a mysterious bloody crime scene of a murdered family and an intruder. The Sheriff’s department is uncertain about what took place. As they investigate the scene someone else is found.

They discover a partially buried woman in the basement that appears to be out of place. She is eventually taken to the coroner’s office which is run by a father and son coroner team. My opinion of the film was not very high at the beginning but began changing slowly by this point. Even though it is late and the son has plans they both agree to work.

The Sheriff explains that he needs a cause of death quickly. Upon first glance she seems to have no visible trauma or injury. As they examine her, details reveal themselves suggesting that she suffered greatly.

Poor Jane Doe. The autopsy quickly takes on an eerie tone, as if an autopsy already isn’t eerie enough. They soon learn that her insides don’t match her outside.

And yes, there is a storm happening in the background. It is here that the intensity picks up and my level of enjoyment increased. I found myself guessing and eager to find out what would happen at the same time.

The morgue is a scary place…no explanation needed. This movie adds to what you are already afraid of when it comes to the topic of the morgue.

Ultimately, I enjoyed the premise of the movie. I felt it had scary moments without over doing it. The main characters did a great job keeping me connected to their fear. It was a good addition to the genre and I am glad to have watched it.

The film does a good job of revealing layers of the mystery. The creep factor in this movie rises slowly at first and quickly plants itself right in front of you. The film opens with a puzzle and fills in the pieces nicely. The end of the movie does a good job of bringing it all together. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone open to horror films. Give this one a watch some time soon.

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