I get that this won’t be a popular opinion, but I’m not a fan of the original 1979 Amityville Horror. I find the acting laughable, the scares lame, and the movie boring. Clearly I’m in the minority, as it’s often praised as a classic.

Thanks to the fact that the murders which originally inspired the Amityville legend are historical material, there are now about 20 horror films with Amityville in the name, most bearing no connection to each other.

The most recent was Amityville: The Awakening, which dropped quietly in October 2017. Next comes Skyline Entertainment’s The Amityville Murders, which Variety reports sees theatrical and VOD release on February 8th.

Instead of once again retelling the story of the Lutz family’s stay in the infamous house on Ocean Avenue, The Amityville Murders dramatizes the brutal murders of the DeFeo family by oldest son Ronald “Butch” DeFeo.

Amityville fans will remember that the DeFeo murders were already dramatized in sleazy 1982 sequel Amityville II: The Possession. That one I actually like, as it’s a straight-up exploitation flick with gore and nastiness.

Amusingly, two stars from The Possession appear in The Amityville Murders, Burt Young and Diane Franklin. Noted horror documentary helmer Daniel Farrands makes his narrative feature directing debut on the project as well.