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‘The Amityville Horror’ DeFeo Prequel is Happening

by Timothy Rawles

Just like the alleged spirits in the infamous haunted house located on Ocean Avenue in New York, the Amityville Horror franchise just keeps coming back. This time, according to Dateline, the famous east coast property is going back to its roots with Amityville 1974. 

On Monday, Wonderfilm Media Corporation announced that all systems are go for a story that details the real-life Defeo murders which some believe contributed to the Lutz haunting in Jay Anson’s 1977 novel.

That book and subsequent film adaptation were phenomenal hits which spawned a clunky franchise and a 2005 reboot starring Ryan Reynolds.

This new entry will be written and directed by Casey La Scala. His story revisits Ronald DeFeo Jr. who shot his entire family while they slept.

“This is a story that takes its jumping-off point from the true facts surrounding the Defeo tragedy,” La Scala said, “but also focuses on the human drama that took place inside a family as they were relentlessly stalked by a terrifying evil.”

Even though moviegoers have grown tired of the stale haunted house concept, many have wanted a prequel that explores the tragic Defeo killings, especially Ronald’s motivation.

In 1982 an inferential backstory about the murders was released called Amityville: The Possession, but facts in the case were exaggerated and the surname was changed.

There was also The Amityville Murders in 2018, but that also emphasized the supernatural spin on the case.

Amityville 1974 is scheduled to start filming in November with Wonderfilm Media producing. Founding partnerJeff Bowler, says horror fans will get the movie they deserve.

“We are beyond thrilled to introduce Amityville 1974,” Bowler said. “Casey has a truly unique and terrifying vision for the fright franchise and audiences will experience horror like never before with this film.”

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