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The Alien Abduction of Antonio Vilas-Boas Continues to Fascinate 60 Years Later

by Waylon Jordan

On October 16, 1957, 23 year old Antonio Vilas-Boas, a Brazilian farmer, was attempting to work his fields late in the evening to avoid the heat of day when a strange glowing red “star” appeared in the night sky. Moments later, he realized this was no star at all as it began a rapid descent toward his fields.

Vilas-Boas attempted to escape the glowing red object on his tractor, but the machine died as the object drew near. Hopping down, he began to run.

Suddenly, he was grabbed by a five foot tall alien creature wearing a helmet and what appeared to be grey coveralls. The being uttered several clicking noises and was joined by three other similar beings.

Antonio Vilas-Boas was only 23 years old when he had his alien encounter.

He could tell very little about these “men” except that he glimpsed small, blue eyes through the helmet. They managed to subdue the farmer and carry him to their craft.

Once inside, Antonio was stripped of all his clothing and a gel-like substance was spread over his entire body before he was ushered into an adjoining room.

In the second room, the alien beings conducted a number of medical tests on the man including drawing blood from his chin. He was then escorted to a third room where he was exposed to a gas which made him violently ill and left in isolation.

After some time, an equally naked female alien with long platinum blond hair and blue eyes entered the room and initiated sexual intercourse with Antonio after which she seemed to communicate to him through hand gestures that she would raise their child in outer space.

Vilas-Boas recalled being angered that he had been captured and used for a breeding experiment as though he were a prized horse.

Shortly after the female alien left him alone and he was escorted off the ship only to discover that four hours had passed, and his ordeal was only beginning.

In the days that followed, Antonio Vilas-Boas became violently ill suffering from nausea, skin lesions, and serious migraine headaches. When he read in a local paper that a reporter named Jose Martins was looking for stories from people who claimed to have had contact with aliens, he contacted the reporter and related his story.

Martins arranged for Vilas-Boas to see a doctor who diagnosed the farmer with radiation poisoning though he was uncertain just how the man could have come in contact with the amount of radiation it would have taken to cause the severity of his illness.

By 1958, the man’s story had been published but it would not gain serious attention until after the famed Betty and Barney Hill abduction which took place in the United States in 1961.

Though he faced scrutiny for his story his entire life even after becoming a respected lawyer with a family of his own, Vilas-Boas’ story remained the same and he was able to recall the details of his abduction, including symbols he saw within the ship, with total clarity, even without the aid of hypnosis.

The symbols that Vilas-Boas claimed to remember from the alien ship.

Some say, the very constancy of his story exposes his experience as a hoax, while others point] to this as proof of its reality.

Regardless, the story of Antonio Vilas-Boas’ alien abduction, alongside that of the Hills, remains one of the most famous stories of the 20th century, and he was repeatedly questioned about the encounter until his death in 1991.

It is easy to point to the case and call it a hoax, but imagine, for a moment, that it is not. Imagine, that an alien race came to this planet to conduct such breeding experiments.

Surely they would not have done so only once. How many others might have been taken for a similar purpose as Antonio Vilas-Boas and never survived to tell their tale after radiation exposure?

And just what did they do with those alien-human hybrids…?

It’s the stuff of nightmares, and perhaps that is why so many stories have been written, so many films made, that tackle that very subject.

Let us know what you think in the comments below! Was this a legitimate experience or an elaborate hoax?

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