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The Aging of Laurie Strode: Can She Still Survive Michael at 60?

by Timothy Rawles

Jamie Lee Curtis was about 20-years-old when she made John Carpenter’s Halloween; about two years older than the high school character Laurie Strode she portrays in the film, but with four decades now between them can this famous babysitter still take on The Shape?

I don’t think Miss Curtis would mind me asking that, she has always been self-aware, not just Hollywood-conscious either. She appeared on a national magazine cover sans make-up and Photoshop, and those Activia Probiotic yogurt commercials which promote regularity have educated millions on gut health.

With the new Halloween coming out this year — one which completely ignores any sequels, including Halloween 2, people wonder if Laurie is still badass enough to face down Michael.

Let’s not forget Michael himself is two years older than Laurie. He was 6-years-old when he killed his older sister in 1963. I’m not good at math, but I estimate that puts Mike at about 61, 62?

It’s the battle of the seniors!

I’m going to emphasize here that none of the many sequels are referenced for continuity in this latest film according to its writers: in this universe part one happened and that’s it.

In addition, we don’t know anything about this latest script. Laurie could die within the first 10 minutes, but that would really upset people who love the original concept and are expecting a showdown.

But let’s say for the sake of argument that Laurie is in the majority of the film, and true to his nature Michael still holds a grudge.

Jamie Lee Curtis recently tweeted out a photo of herself on the set of the new Halloween movie. She looks gorgeous and confident and has reclaimed her signature feathered coif. Even though that image was well-received by fans, some questioned the reality of whether or not she’s able-bodied enough to take on the massive serial killer.

The short answer is: Hell yes!

Hell yes because Laurie showed us 40-years ago she could do it. She was not only a strong person physically, she was also very clever. The horror genre got its first taste of girl power thanks to Curtis’ performance: it was made at time when people thought young women were weak. I remember the term “women’s lib” being volleyed around like a punchline back then.

Hell yes because in this day and age men are seriously being put to task for their overpowering and harmfully aggressive actions. Assuming Laurie is living in this current climate, do you think this woman is going to let a man overpower her or her family?

Hell yes because age is no longer a factor in gauging how powerful a woman is. Let’s take a look at Lin Shaye as Elise in the Insidious films. Elise is so powerful at 74 that she faces off against men not only in the physical realm but in the supernatural one too using the powers of her body and mind.

Hell yes because even in real life 60-year-olds kick ass. One woman in Cleveland this past September fought off her wrench-wielding attacker in a robbery attempt. “I was determined,” she said. “I was not going to let this man take me down. It was like, he’s got a wrench, I can’t just let him beat me.”

I think that statement pretty much sums up Laurie’s attitude whether in 1978 or 2018. She is not going to let Michael beat her; not physically, not competitively.

So to all those people out there who think a 60-year-old woman going up against Michael Myers is going to be a victim in the outcome, just look at her face in that photo from the set.

There are a few more wrinkles sure, but the attitude conveyed therein doesn’t look like she’s going to go out without a fight.

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