That Other Movie Called ‘The Nun’

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As we wait to see if Director Corin Hardy can further The Conjuring universe in a good way with his upcoming release of The Nun, there is a Spanish movie with the same title from 2005.

Actually titled La Monja (Spanish for The Nun), the movie differs from the demonic one James Wan created in that this supernatural sister seeks revenge on the women who orchestrated her demise years prior as students at their boarding school.

The now-grown women are suddenly visited by the vengeful vestal and decide to meet her head-on back at the parochial school almost two decades later.

An actual line from the film: “Are you trying to tell me this is some sort of ‘I know what you did 18 summers ago,’ or something?”

Directed by Luis de la Madrid, The Nun isn’t exactly a fresh concept (see above quote) but having edited films such as The Devil’s Backbone, The Machinist and recently Veronica, Madrid has an eye for style and The Nun has plenty of that.

This film is in no way comparable to any good spooker from the House of Wan or Blum for that matter, but the performances are solid, the special effects a little –just a little–above par and the twist comes only as slightly unexpected.

This film more than likely isn’t going to get any repeated viewings from you but it’s got potential. So if you’re jonesing for a little Catholic school abuse without having to take communion, check out this so-so haunter and say three Hail Marys to appease yourself afterward of the guilt for time wasted absolutely hating it or better, slightly liking it.

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