Written by John Squires

Earlier this year we told you about Texas Chain Saw Massacre super fan Roy Rose, whose goal for the year was to turn the dilapidated gas station from the film into the ultimate horror fan hangout; or, as he called it, “a horror barbecue resort.” The plan was for the bucket list locale, dubbed We Slaughter Barbecue, to open this year, and indeed a grand opening date has just been announced.

Per the Bastrop, Texas hangout’s official Facebook page, We Slaughter Barbecue will have its grand opening on Saturday, October 8th, and Texas Chain Saw Massacre star Ed “The Hitchhiker” Neal will be in attendance to kick off the fun proper. In addition to the BBQ he’ll be serving up to fellow Chain Saw fans, Rose has built four cabins on the site, and he invites fans from around the world to spend the night whenever they get the urge.

Rose describes the newly converted gas station, located on 1073 SH 304 in Bastrop, as a “safe, fun and scary place for families and everybody to come and have a good time,” and notes that the iconic locale will also feature a gift shop with horror movie memorabilia and even a stage for musical acts.

We’ll see ya there!

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