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‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Franchise May See a New Film Deal and TV Series

by Kelly McNeely
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It sounds like we may be taking another trip down to Texas.

An exclusive report from Bloody Disgusting announced that Legendary Entertainment/Legendary Pictures are potentially taking over the rights to the Texas Chain Saw franchise. The company is “in the mix” to develop a new television series based on Tobe Hooper’s iconic film, with another batch of chainsaw-swinging films also on the table.

With all the excitement surrounding the new releases of Halloween and IT, it’s not entirely surprising that studios would be keen to revitalize another genre classic.

We had recently seen a new entry in the franchise with 2017’s Leatherface – the divisive prequel that came to us courtesy of Lionsgate and Millenium Films. When the rights were obtained, the producers had plans for a reboot of the series with five additional films depending on the success of Leatherface.

However, the rights were lost due to the time it took to release their first attempt, and their franchise reboot plans quickly crumbled. The rights are now back in the hands of Kim Henkel, who co-wrote and produced the 1974 original (and directed 1994’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3: The Next Generation).

via IMDb

If Legendary is circling, this could – optimistically – mean a promising future for Leatherface. They have some notable connections with genre filmmakers, and their reboot of the Godzilla and King Kong monsterverse shows that they know how to handle a franchise.

Additionally, if their distribution deal with Warner Bros. is successful, it could potentially open even more doors for them in terms of available talent.

For now, we’ll just keep our eyes and ears open for updates.


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