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Written by Patti Pauley

Do you have an insatiable appetite for acquiring knowledge of America’s most nefarious serial killers? How about a fan of good ol’ fashioned board games? Well, get ready to crap your pants because “The Serial Killer Trivia Board Game” is a very real thing. While it’s true, the game has been available for quite some time, but in the case you’ve never heard of this little “family fun” gem, let’s take a look at this twisted retro-looking board game that was banned in Canada for being outright one of the most fucked up games you could bring to the table for an adult game night. Thanks Culture Heroes Inc.!



This stunning one-of-a-kind board game comes neatly packaged in a beautiful display box that is sure to catch the eyes of any guests that may be visiting- bonus points if you have the box sitting among your Better Homes And Gardens magazines that you shove on that bottom shelf of the coffee table. The basic premise of the game is to break into homes on the board and claim five victims to complete your “spree” before the other players. As you enter the homes in the game, you pick a trivia card and follow the instructions on said card to seal the fate of your potential victim by answering questions correctly.The questions can range from basic knowledge of various serial killers to FBI profiling so the questions vary in difficulty from card to card. To make the kill official, you have to dump your victim’s body in a certain area on the board. Makes perfect sense as most serial killers had favorite spots to dump the bodies.

The board also offers chance cards, which of course are just that and can either progress or hinder you from reaching your next victim. The best part has got to be the game pawns though. Players can between pawns such as Richard Ramirez, Aileen Wuornos, Ed Gein, Albert Fish, or Ted Bundy as they slash their way across the board into bloody victory.

So if you just so happen are scouring the market for a new game for those Friday night adult gatherings, and have an awesomely tasteless sense of humor- I mean come on, is Cards Against Humanity that much more classy? Then move over Daniel Radcliffe’s delicious asshole, The Serial Killer Trivia Game gets its own game night this week! You can buy it on Amazon right here!