Terrordrome Is The Ultimate Horror Fan Game!

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Ever wondered who would win in a fight between Michael Myers and Leatherface? Or perhaps Candyman vs. Pinhead? Well, if you are a video game lover on top of being a horror head. Here it is. The ultimate fan made game for horror fans! Best part about it, it’s absolutely free! Terrordrome is the brainchild of horror fan Marc Echave. For those of you that are unaware of this PC gem, in a Mortal Kombat type style, Echave has hand picked some of horror’s most legendary icons to do battle against one another in a holy matrimony of gaming and the horror genre. In a 2D format filled with plenty of gore, I have to tell you, this game is magnificently done with close attention to detail of our favorite icons.




You can have your characters do battle in some of the most iconic places in horror movie history, such as Camp Crystal Lake or the Myers House. The game itself has 14 playable characters, all with their own special moves and their classic weapon of choice for each. For example: Freddy could morph into what I describe as the giant penis head from Dream Warriors. Have I sold you on this yet? Also, it’s worth noting they each have a mini story line which explains why the hell they are all in the same universe together. They are as follows:






















And but of course..Zombie Jason. Which is basically the upgraded version of Classic Jason in zombie form and with a longer reaching machete.



Now while the game can be played on your keyboard alone, a joystick or controller for your PC is what i would recommend for you to use if you have one at your disposal. As with some of the combination moves end up resulting in you button bashing on your keyboard. Which I have almost broken mine by the way by getting a little too balls to the wall with this.


[youtube id=”Co3RekmngyQ&list=PLvq3QwdeX0TiqvWZACQFK7QQKuB6VVcbG” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]


This wonderfully crafted fully free PC game is a must have for any avid horror fan. To download the most current version, all you have to do is click here! You will need Microsoft Windows in order to download properly.

Happy horror gaming!