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Terror Tales ‘Thud’ Debuts Today

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It’s Friday, and that means the debut of another episode of showrunner Domonic Smith’s spooky YouTube series, Terror Tales.

The new episode, titled “Thud” is directed by Chris Jackson and  tells the story of a teenager named Megan (Abby Hupp) whose been hired to babysit a little girl while her mother makes an airport run.

There’s something not quite right as Mrs. Taylor (Alison Burns) is giving Megan instructions before she leaves. She’s not quite sure when Mr. Taylor (Chris Plourde) will be arriving home or if he’ll return before she does.

Once she’s alone, Megan begins to hear a strange thudding noise coming from upstairs. Following the noise, the babysitter makes a terrifying discovery.


Megan (Abby Hupp) probably wishes she’d stayed downstairs after she makes a terrifying discovery in Thud.

As with every episode of Terror Tales, “Thud” is based on an actual event, recounted by the narrator of the story.

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