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Terror Tales Takes its YouTube Viewers on a ‘Hunt’ Today!

by Waylon Jordan
Terror Tales Hunt

Terror Tales takes us to the great outdoors this week with Hunt.

The episode opens with a man hunting in the woods. In his narration, he admits that hunting alone isn’t really a good idea, but he likes the quiet that comes with being in the woods on his own.

The problem is, you’re never really alone in the woods.

Oh sure, you might be the only human being for miles around, but there are predators out there that have no need for man-made weapons and the pendulum can easily swing, turning the hunter into the hunted.

One of the things, we’ve loved about this series so far is the variety of stories they’ve brought to us week after week. From tales of the paranormal to encounters with real-life human monsters, that variety has kept us guessing just what the guys at Terror Tales will spring on us next.

Hunt is really a perfect example of that variety, and it works well as an episode, relying on the idea that the unseen may be just as intense as the seen.

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