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Terror Tales’ ‘Ouija’ Debuts on YouTube Today!

by Waylon Jordan
Ouija Terror Tales

It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Another episode of Terror Tales hits YouTube today, and this time they’re taking us inside a college apartment where three friends decide to vape a little weed…and pull out a Ouija board.

What could go wrong, amirght?

Just remember, these episodes are based on people’s personal experience and one of these co-eds got a lot more than she bargained for on that fateful night.

It seems that something that tried to communicate with them via the Ouija board has decided to stick around and it makes its presence known in a very aggressive way.

This particular episode of Terror Tales, directed by Scott Sullivan, has one of my favorite effects I’ve seen so far in the series and it really creates a creepy atmosphere for the story and what these young women experienced.

It’s also a departure for the series, as the episodes have predominantly dealt with more mundane material, no matter how terrifying the experience.

“We picked this story, because even though we wanted to stick to stories that were more easily relatable, we felt like if we didn’t do any ghost stories we’d be making too strong a line in the sand about what we perceived to be true or not,” showrunner Domonic Smith explained, “As well as doing our audience a disservice in the horror realm, a lot of us have had at least one creepy paranormal experience.”

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