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Terror Tales ‘Cold Outside’ Available Today on YouTube!

by Waylon Jordan
Cold Outside

The YouTube channel, Terror Tales, has a brand new episode this week. It’s called Cold Outside, and it’s serving up some serious nostalgic feels.

Set on the Christmas Eve, Cold Outside is the true story of a terrifying encounter a young man named Arnold had many years ago.

In the beginning of the story, he tells us that he was eleven years old, and really didn’t believe in Santa Claus anymore, but he had a dad who was insistent upon keeping the jolly old elf a part of their festivities for at least another year or so.

So, he takes his son down the hall, puts him to bed with milk and cookies on the nightstand, and wishes him a good night.

A few hours later, Arnold wakes to find his room is freezing. Upon investigation, he finds his window open and snowy footprints leading out of his room.

Naturally, he goes to investigate, and what he finds will change the holiday for him forever.

Cold Outside, directed by series showrunner Domonic Smith, has a seriously nostalgic feel to it landing somewhere between Tales from the Crypt and Are You Afraid of the Dark?

After all, sometimes things do go bump in the night, and the scariest have nothing to do with ghosts and ghouls.

Terror Tales Cold Outside

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If you have your own true scary story, and want to share it with Terror Tales for a possible future adaptation, you can email them at [email protected]!

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