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Terror Tales’ ‘Breakdown’ Brings Another True Story to YouTube Today!

by Waylon Jordan
Breakdown Terror Tales

Web series Terror Tales brings another true story to YouTube today with Breakdown that all begins when a young man named Sam finds himself stranded on a back road in the middle of nowhere.

Sam checks the car out, but he can’t find the reason for the breakdown. Of course, there’s no cell service and so he waits for someone, anyone to come along who might be able to help him.

Unfortunately for him, the man who does stop doesn’t seem quite right. As too many coincidences stack up, his fear kicks into overdrive and he finds himself in a classic fight or flight situation.

Breakdown Terror Tales Truck View

Breakdown is a perfect example of what showrunner Domonic Smith, who also directed this episode, and the rest of the Terror Tales crew set out to do with this series. The terror of “based on a true story” becomes all the more palpable when you realize how many people end up in this exact type of situation daily.

Sure, most of us, should we find ourselves broken down on the side of the road, will never have to make the decision that Sam does here, but it’s really a spin of the wheel and odds are not always in our favor.

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