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Terror Tales ‘Arcade’ Hits YouTube Today!

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Terror Tales is back with a brand new episode this week, based on yet another true story and to be honest, we’re getting worried about the people who found themselves in these situations!

Arcade centers on Tracy who is working late one night at a local arcade, and helping her boyfriend with his homework over the phone. Her younger brother is hanging out with her along with a very creepy janitor.

Tracy has to get her phone charger from her car and returns to find the door locked from inside. Neither her brother nor the janitor can be seen, and as her panic rises, she realizes something terrible is about to happen.

Arcade Janitor

Of the three episodes Terror Tales has released so far, Arcade has creeped me out the most. The tension in real in its brief seven minutes, and the ending left me chilled.

CLICK HERE to check out the episode, and if you have terrifying story you’d like to share with the show you can email them at [email protected]!

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