‘Terror in the Aisles’ is Getting the Blu-Ray Treatment from Shout Factory

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Back in 1984, horror was entering a brand-new golden era, with a new slasher every other week, and enough gore, suspense, and mayhem to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. That’s where Terror in the Aisles entered the picture.

This blood-splattered love letter to the genre was everything that horror fans could hope for, and now it’s getting the full Shout Factory treatment with its first Blu-Ray release.

From the official site:

Some of the scariest moments in film history in one terrifying film!

Terror In The Aisles is a roller coaster ride through the most terrifying moments from over 70 of Hollywood’s greatest chillers. Donald Pleasence (Halloween, Halloween II) and Nancy Allen (Dressed To Kill, Carrie) are the hosts of this blood-curdling journey through a collection of horror classics like Psycho, Jaws, Poltergeist, Alien, The Bride Of Frankenstein, The Exorcist, Halloween and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

There is no word yet on what special features Shout Factory will include in the release, but they have rarely let down fans when it comes to bonus content that enhances the viewing experience.

The release is scheduled for October 13, 2020, and you can pre-order Terror in the Aisles by CLICKING HERE.

Do you remember this classic release? Are you ready to see it again? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Waylon Jordan is a lifelong fan of genre fiction and film especially those with a supernatural element. He firmly believes that horror reflects collective fears of society and can be used as a tool for social change.