As you may have noticed, iHorror ended 2014 with a collection of lists from its writers detailing what we thought were the best and worst horror movies of the year. After carefully compiling and comparing our lists, discussing the various merits of each sub-genre, and reading your comments, one conclusion can be reached: Everything sucks.

Just kidding, of course, but come on, Hollywood. What the fucking fuck does it take to get a little terror implanted into our very souls and one or two images that will haunt us for decades until we begin to eagerly look forward to death and the release it will bring us from our endless movie-induced torment? Step up your game.

So, like many other jaded fans, I’ve taken to YouTube, where aspiring filmmakers are more than happy to upload their labors of love to share with the world. There’s actually quite the treasure trove to be found for a horror aficionado with some time to kill and a willingness to sift through the shit for the gold (so if you’ve got any strong recommendations, please pass them on). Then one day, iHorror writer John Squires¬†introduced us to the “nightmare fuel” of the short film “Lights Out” (you may remember shitting yourself at the thumbnail that popped up in your newsfeed), and I’ve yet to stumble across another short as terrifying or well done.

Luckily for everyone, the user behind “Lights Out” (David F. Sandberg in real life, ponysmasher on YouTube) has a few more videos available for the watching.¬†You may have checked out “Pictured” previously. Today, please enjoy “Coffer” and (my favorite) a 14 second short entitled “See You Soon”, both continuing to feature the impressive Lotta Losten, seemingly in the same creepy apartment!

[youtube id=”8_rB01TXWjI” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

[youtube id=”KaHmrpelNXA” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

Why the shit isn’t this guy making full length movies?!