‘Terrifier 2’ Adds ‘Sleepaway Camp’s’ Felissa Rose

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As far as mean spirited horror of late goes,Terrifier is way up there. This brutal little indie had an instant cult following and introduced a new icon in horror. Terrifier, already had its hive of rabid fans and that only grew when the film dropped onto Netflix. Art the Clown is a huge presence in horror and one that is going to continue to grow with Terrifier 2.

The Damien Leone written and directed follow up was almost entirely backed by its fans through a large crowd funding. Since then we have seen the cast slowly start to stack up. Jason Lively (Night of the Creeps) is already onboard, and now we have the lovely Felissa Rose joining the cast of folks who are soon to meet David Howard Thornton’s nihilistic nightmare, Art the Clown.

Rose as you might recall, played Angela in the 83 slasher, Sleepaway Camp. Rose always adds something unique and fun to her roles. So, we are excited to see exactly what she will be bringing to the role of “Mrs. Principe” when Terrifier 2 is finally unleashed.

Terrifier 2 will see Art the Clown resurrected and have him terrorize a young brother and sister on Halloween night.

What do you guys think? Excited to see Art the Clown back? Excited about Felissa Rose joining the cast? Let us know in the comments section.

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