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iHorror: Fans, including myself, have been following the progress of Terrifier 2 since the highly successful release of the first installment.

Director and writer Damien Leone’s guarantee to top the hacksaw scene has the horror crowd in a frenzy of anticipation!  Do you agree with this scene topping what Art did to poor Dawn (portrayed by Catherine Corcoran) in Terrifier?

David: Well, we do have a few scenes that I think are pretty brutal and might just match, if not top, the infamous hacksaw scene of the first. One of them is especially pretty mean, to say the least. We also have a scene in the film that will definitely be controversial with the subject matter and will most likely create a discussion, which I think might be good. That is what (no pun intended) art is supposed to do.

iHorror: You are a master of pantomime. You convey SO much without saying a single word. How did you develop these skills?

David: I developed those skills over a life time of being a human sponge when it came to physical comedy. I grew up watching the great physical comedians and clowns and did my best to emulate their routines growing up doing theater. It was not until I toured as Stefan Karl’s (Robbie Rotten of Lazy Town fame) understudy as the Grinch for 5 years that I had a true master of the art help me fine tune my abilities. I consider Stefan to be my Socrates of physical comedy, so to speak. I think it is important for all actors to learn from the best and adapt and make what they have learned their own.

iHorror: Going into Terrifier 2, was there anything you personally wanted to see specifically for your character?

I wanted to see him branch out more into the world around him and really get his hands dirty. You’ll definitely see a lot more of this in Terrifier 2 for sure. Art is even more physical in this one and is truly a force to be reckoned with. I also wanted him to have a truly worthy opponent. The Joker needs his Batman, after all. We will be building that up in this one for sure. In future films, I would like to delve into more of who he is as well and what makes him tick. You’ll have to wait and see.

iHorror: Did you improvise anything in Terrifier 2?

David: Ohhh yes! Yes indeed. There is one scene, in particular, that I really got to play around a lot like I did in the pizzeria scene in the first.

iHorror: You have memorabilia already manufactured after your character. How does it make you feel to see Art as a mass produced Halloween costume, on t-shirts, and as a toy (*cough*) collectible?

David: It’s still sinking in, honestly. I still can’t believe it. That has always been a dream of mine, to have an action figure of myself. It’s pretty surreal, but I love it! I’m truly honored!

Art the Clown figure from Trick or Treat Studios

iHorror: You have been hitting the horror circuit, so horror fans now know what you look like. Are you recognized on the street as well?

David: On VERY rare occasions. Ha ha! People aren’t used to seeing me out of make up. Plus, Art is still building a following. We’ll see what happens after part 2 comes out.

iHorror: Meeting the late and great Sid Haig of the horror world (RIP to an extraordinary man and actor) did you learn anything from him in regards to acting, or just about the horror genre in general?

David: Unfortunately, I did not get to spend nearly enough time getting to know Sid before he passed away. Though I will say that my interactions with him at conventions was a learning experience. One thing that I truly noticed and respected about him was how he was with his fans. He was always the first person at his table and the last one to leave, despite his health. He also did not charge his fans a whole lot of money for an autograph and spent time talking to each of them. That said a lot about him.  He truly appreciated his fans, and they appreciated him as well.

Sid Haig and Captain Spaulding and David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown at Mad Monster

iHorror: How do you feel about Art the Clown being up among the ranks with Freddy, Michael, and Jason?

David: I don’t know if he is quite there yet, but if he ever is, that would be quite the honor indeed!

Michael Myers and Art the Clown figure from Trick or Treat Studios

iHorror: Besides the announcement of returning characters including Victoria (Samantha Scaffidi) and some new blood, including slasher icon Felissa Rose from 1983’s Sleepaway Camp, can you tell iHorror something you may have not yet revealed?

David: Well, we did book a pretty big name recently to film a cameo roll in the film. The scene that involves this person is going to be a lot of fun too since I get to play around a lot as Art in it. I wish I could say more!

Actress Felissa Rose

iHorror: Will Terrifier 2 be the last we see of Art the Clown?

David: Well, Damien has always wanted at least a trilogy for the character and we have developed a fun ending for him if we get that chance. So as long as the fans want a third one, we’ll make it! We aren’t done with him yet!

Damien Leone, writer and director of Terrifier 1 and 2, and David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown

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