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Warning: the following report contains major potential spoilers.

I’m still not entirely sure whether I should be excited for Terminator: Dark Fate. Like most people, I love the first two Terminator films, but think the sequels since haven’t exactly been amazing. At least this time, creator James Cameron is back onboard.

While Cameron isn’t directing Dark Fate, he’s producing, and has had a hand in the film creatively. Helming the project is Tim Miller, director of the first Deadpool film. Also returning after a long absence is Linda Hamilton, reprising the role of Sarah Connor.

The actual plot of Terminator: Dark Fate has been mostly kept under wraps, with the trailers and marketing not revealing all that much. However, a new report from Heroic Hollywood suggests that a huge surprise is in store for dedicated Terminator fans.

According to the report, Terminator: Dark Fate confirms that John Connor, whose survival drives the plot of the first two films, was actually killed off in 1998. This leaves new character Dani (Natalia Reyes) to assume the role of humanity’s future savior.

To avoid confusion, it’s important to remember that Dark Fate is a sequel only to¬†T2, and retcons T3, hence Sarah Connor still being alive. This means John was killed in the years between T2 and Dark Fate. This clears up why Sarah is back but not John too.

To add another wrinkle, Dark Fate reportedly reveals that the ending of T2 actually did prevent the existence of Skynet. Unfortunately, a new machine adversary arose called Legion, which orchestrated John’s death. Sigh, the Connors just can’t win.