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For over thirty years, the murderous – although sometimes protectively so – cyborgs known as Terminators have been wreaking havoc on theater screens. There have been five Terminator movies to date, and a new entry is headed our way next year.

The still untitled film – it turns out reports that the project was simply titled Terminator were premature – will be directed by Tim Miller, helmer of the first Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Returning as a producer is franchise creator James Cameron.

Plot details are still mostly being kept close to the vest by studio Paramount, but we do know that franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger will once again return in some capacity, as will Linda Hamilton as waitress turned badass freedom fighter Sarah Connor.

Terminator 6 – which many are calling it as a convenient placeholder, until the final title is revealed – was previously assigned a theatrical release date of November 22nd 2019. Now, Deadline reports that the date has moved up slightly, to November 15th.

While that might seem like a small change, a film’s release date can mean everything when it comes to box office, especially in the busy holiday months of November and December. This will actually be the first Terminator to release outside of the summer since the 1984 original.