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It’s time to start planning your annual Halloween bash! Who am I kidding? You’ve already started right?  You’ve planned the food, picked out your costume, and let’s face it, you’ve been decorating since the first pumpkin spice latte showed up at Starbucks.  And you have to start planning that Halloween party playlist.  I mean, you can’t play party games all night and not all your friends are great conversationalists.  You need to fill that void with great music.  Music that makes the ghouls and ghosts dance.

#10  The Devil Went Down to Georgia–Charlie Daniels Band

This song has everything.  A driving country beat, a great story, and a classic deal with the devil.  Johnny meets up with the Devil and accepts Old Scratch’s challenge.  It’s a fiddle contest where Johnny could win a sold gold fiddle or lose his soul.  Guaranteed to get everyone on their feet and singing along!

#9  Don’t Fear (The Reaper)–Blue Oyster Cult

I mean, come on.  You don’t get much more perfect for Halloween than a haunting melody and a chorus that repeats the words “don’t fear the Reaper”.  Blue lights and strobe and you’ve got a party.

#8  Every Breath You Take–The Police

Oh sure, it sounds like a lovey dovey song on the surface, but listen more closely.  This is one creepy song about a man stalking the woman of his obsession.

#7  I Put a Spell on You–Various

Pick a version of this song.  Whether it’s the sexy, soulful Nine Simone or Bette Midler camping it up from Hocus Pocus, you just can’t go wrong.

#6  In the Hall of the Mountain King–from Peer Gynt by Edvard Grieg performed by Apocalyptica

It’s classical music on heavy metal cello, and it totally rocks.  Arguably one of the most recognizable melodies in the world, this creepy piece builds upon itself to a crashing finale.  It was a perfect match for Apocalyptica, a metal band featuring rocking cellists.

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