That time Stevie Nicks showed up…

Misty Day was obsessed with legendary and storied white witch, Stevie Nicks.  We hoped from the beginning of the season that Miss Nicks would make an appearance.  And when she finally did, no one blamed Misty for fainting!  What was better?  She showed up again for the Seven Wonders!

Twisty the Clown

Everything about this damn clown was scarring.  That face, The rage.  The fact that he’s a damn clown.  His mere presence in this beautiful, 50s technicolor feast of the eyes was an abomination and fans savored every moment.  Twisty was a shock to the senses.

The Countess, Her Lover and the Blood Orgy

Ryan Murphy kicked season five off right by luring us into his crazy hotel, introducing us to the mysterious Countess (Lady Gaga) and then shocking us with the now famous orgy turned bloodbath.  It was beautiful and horrifying.  It was exactly what the show needed.

Lana’s Aversion/Conversion Therapy with Dr. Thredson

Perhaps one of the most disturbing moments in any season came when Lana has been trapped in the asylum.  Being gay was considered a mental disease at the time, and conversion therapy was hitting its peak.  The practice was and is barbaric.  Take a look below.

With precedents like these, it’s easy to see why we’re anticipating the newest season.  What’s in store?  Who knows?  But you can bet we’ll be right there watching as the season six throws its best at us!