The Addiction Demon and Gabriel

Brutal…violent…the essence of jaw dropping.  Gabriel checked into the Hotel Cortez and made the cardinal mistake of giving into his desires and addiction.  Little did he know that in the Hotel Cortez addictions have a life of their own.  A demon with a bag of tricks including a very shiny, very deadly metal strap on…viewers won’t soon forget the aftermath of that fateful visit. **Update, apparently it’s so shocking all you can find is the briefest glimpse on YouTube, now!

Cordelia Becomes the Supreme

Like most of us watching season three of “American Horror Story”, I spent most of this particular season trying to guess who the new Supreme witch of the Salem coven.  Who would it be?  Compassionate Zoe?  Earthy Misty Day?  Bitchy Madison?  Human voodoo doll Queenie? Clairvoyant extraordinaire Nan?  I literally had a list of everyone it could be…everyone except Cordelia!  I was shocked as she performed each of the Seven Wonders and took her place as the rightful leader of the Coven.  It was one of the shining moments of the series!  Sara Paulson was radiant as she embraced her full power.

Violet’s Dead!

So many people died in season one of AHS that it should have been no surprise that Violet’s suicide attempt was actually successful.  And yet, there we were, glued to our TVs, completely horrified that the poor girl was dead and stuck in the Murder House for eternity.

Smart Pepper Confronts Evil Dr. Arden

We were used to Pepper communicating by gestures and that slurred words…suddenly she’s smarter than the evil genius doctor on duty at the asylum…

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