Teens Trapped in Paris Catacombs for 3 Days

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Two teenage boys lived out a real-life version of “As Above, So Below” by spending three days lost in the Paris catacombs.

BBC News reports that the boys, ages 16 and 17, went into the vast tunnels underneath Paris. Police sprung into action after they had been missing for three days, and were able to locate the boys using tracker dogs. After the four-hour rescue effort, the boys were treated for severe cold but were expected to make full recoveries.

The catacombs underneath Paris stretch for 150 miles, and contain the skeletons of an estimated 6 million people, many of which are displayed along walls and floors. During medieval times, French cemeteries were overflowing, so many bodies were transported to these tunnels.

Paris catacombs

Source: Thousand Wonders

While a small portion are open to the public, the majority of the catacombs are closed off. That doesn’t keep visitors from trespassing, like these two teens. Naturally as these tunnels go on for miles and miles and aren’t well lit, or even mapped, it’s easy to get lost, and the tunnels can get quite cold. The skulls and bones lining the passages probably don’t make it any more pleasant. Urban explorers who brave the creepy passages are known as “cataphiles,” and they’ve been known to hold parties there according to the BBC.

In 2016, American surfer and filmmaker Alison Teal became the first person to surf through the catacombs, according to The Daily Mail. She called the atmosphere, “suffocating.”

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