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Teen Kills Old Dude. Claims He Thought He Was Freddy Krueger.

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Plenty of madmen over the years have blamed horror movies for their sadistic acts, with films like Scream and Child’s Play finding themselves at the center of real-life controversies. But this latest story of life imitating art is quite different, as the killer truly believed he was putting an end to a horror icon’s reign of terror.

As reported by Liverpool Echo, 19-year-old schizophrenic Anthony Hallard (below) murdered 69-year-old David Rimmer in his home back in 2013, after a spat wherein he claims that Rimmer was trying to kill him. Hallard slashed the man up with a broken liquor bottle and repeatedly stomped on his throat.

On trial at the Liverpool Crown Court, Hallard plead guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of “diminished responsibility,” hoping to get off the hook due to his mental condition. Reportedly drunk at the time, Hallard told the court that he believed Rimmer was none other than Freddy Krueger, and that the murder was self-defense.

Hallard has been officially diagnosed as schizophrenic, and says that characters on TV often speak directly to him. At the time of the murder, he was a fitness instructor as well as a male escort, and what’s most interesting about the story is that he had been friends with Rimmer since he was a young boy.

Anthony Hallard

Did the man you see above truly believe his senior citizen friend was Freddy Krueger or is he merely trying to get out of this one, on the grounds that he’s mentally unfit? We’ll of course never know, though it’s worth noting that three out of four psychiatrists assigned to the case have serious doubts about his story.

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