Serial Killer Ted Bundy Making Headlines from the Grave

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It has been nearly three decades since the execution of Ted Bundy at Florida State Prison, and he is still making headlines today.  However, this recent development has nothing to do with his killing spree, rather it’s his childhood home in Tacoma, Washington that is making the news.

When contractor Casey Clopton, a previously self-proclaimed skeptic, was originally hired to flip the Tacoma home he had no idea of its history in connection with the infamous serial killer who had been connected to at least thirty six murders.

Bundy had moved into the house in 1955 when he was nine years old with his mother, but the real estate broker James Pitts did not originally disclose this information to the contractor when he accepted the job.  Pitts claimed he purposely chose not to mention the past inhabitants because “…we weren’t sure how people would react to knowing a serial killer lived there.”  He further admitted to being fully aware of the unusual activity in the home, stating “It was really eerie, but really neat.”

Clopton’s first became suspicious of the home when he took his eleven year old daughter to the site of his newest project.  The little girl suddenly became overwhelmed and hysterically burst into tears, telling her father the house felt “weird.”

As the house underwent its face lift construction equipment and cell phones would lose power, turn off, or even become physically unplugged altogether.  The sudden loss of power to electric devices is a well-known tell-tale sign of the presence and supposed manifestation of paranormal entities.  It has also been documented in many ghost investigations that any structural changes to a home tend to increase such activity.

As work continued in the home events became even more peculiar.  The demolition crew leader became overwhelmed with panic and emotion, much in the same way contractor Clopton’s daughter had become upon her visit to the house.  Words such as “Leave” and “Help me” began manifesting on the basement floor in sheetrock dust and were scrawled on the bedroom window.  Doors and cabinets appeared to open by themselves.

To ease everyone’s mind, including his own which was quickly becoming less skeptical by the day, Clopton wrote Bible verses on the walls of the home.  He even brought in clergymen to bless each room of the house and read scripture aloud.

Whether the activity in the home ceased has not been reported, but the house has been sold to an unknown buyer for the amount 335,000 in the last year.  Whether or not the new owner is aware of the previous activity or past owners in the mind 1950s and 1960s has also remained to be discovered.

What do you think?  Is the little blue home in Tacoma, Washington haunted?  Or is this just an attempt to bring attention to the property?  Tell us in the comments bellow!

Further reading on Ted Bundy during his years growing up in Tacoma, Washington;

Ted Bundy did not live in the Tacoma, Washington house during his adult serial killer years.  However, from a young age Bundy began exhibiting signs of a disturbed psyche.  These were the formative years when he began looking into windows late at night waiting for women to undress, as well as search out violent sexual imagery.

It has been speculated by experts Bundy had committed his first murder in 1961 at the age of fourteen when eight year old Ann Marie Burr went missing from his neighborhood.  It has also been assumed Bundy and Ann Marie had known each other.  Living only blocks away from each other and passing her house every morning on his early morning paper route certainly leaves open the possibility of their acquaintanceship.

The morning Burr went missing the front door was found wide open, as was a front window, but there was no sign of struggle in the home.  The lack of force of entry as well as no missing items concluded to investigators that the little girl was kidnapped and also knew her abductor.  Even to this day no one knows what happened to Burr, and her remains have never been found.

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