Target’s Sneak Peek of 2017’s Halloween Decor


With the announcement of their name Halloween decor for 2017, Target appears to have finally moved away from the glitter and glam phase that dominated their seasonal shelves for at least the past 3 Halloweens.  This year their decorations look to be more traditional and scary.  While I’m a girly girl at heart and I do enjoy my fair share of glitter, Halloween is neither the time nor the place for the glitz and glam of fuchsia pinks, neon purples, lime greens, and napalm orange.  From their currently released sneak peek of this season’s Halloween decor it appears the store where you ‘Expect More.  Pay Less.’ has returned Halloween to its rightful nitty gritty roots of skeletons, ghosts, and eyeballs with a few vintage pieces  mixed in for the old school at heart.

For most of Target’s consumers Halloween comes once a year and as soon as the calendar changes to November 1st the decorations get packed up and stored in the attic until next year’s witching hour.  However, there are a select group of us that see this time of year as something more; it’s the time to update our year round home decor!  Take a look at these pieces you can entertain your guests with year round!  Plates, serving trays, and wine glasses, oh my!  Plus, the great thing about Target’s Halloween selection is most of the items are extremely well made and durable to last you year round!  For instance, these spooktacular wine glasses are actually glass!

For those of you with a more whimsical taste in the macabre, Target has the answer to what you’re looking for.  With a bony fortune teller, a creepy doorbell, and an old school movie projector that lights up with sound you can decorate the interior of your home with items to give it that vintage 1920’s freak show appeal.

If you’re more of a traditionalist Target has you covered.  With decorations playing off of the age old classic look of black and orange with designs that reminiscence back to your childhood you can decorate your home with the less scary but more fun aspects of the holiday you grew up loving as a kid.  With friendly black cats, smiling jack o lanterns, and happy cloth specters your family has no reason to fear their dwelling this holiday season.

Lastly Target has brought you the skeleton pet of your dreams!  Ranging from dogs to cats and even a skeletal snake Target has your new boney buddy waiting for you!  Or collect them all and create your own pet cemetery!