‘Tammy And The T-Rex’ Takes A Bite Out Of 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Through Vinegar Syndrome

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Home video may have seemed to be hitting a bump with the advent and popularity of streaming formats. But still, horror continues to reign king when it comes to home video and the wide variety of specialty labels for such a wide variety of films. Though blu-ray and DVD is the current standard, we are now seeing a rising popularity in 4K Ultra HD. A top tier home video format with the use of a 4K video player and a specialized 4K TV creating a home viewing experience nearly on par with going tot he movies. Today, boutique label Vinegar Syndrome has announced their first ever title to make the jump to this newer and sleeker format with none other than the 1994 Denise Richards, Paul Walker starring family gore romantic comedy, Tammy And The T-Rex!

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Yes, one of the ultimate WTF movies which has been painstakingly transferred into 4K resolution. Uncut and filled to the brim with dinosaur fueled gore. This will be the first of potentially more titles to make the jump into the 4K Ultra HD format for Vinegar Syndrome per twitter.

This is nothing but good news to hear and only further emphasizes the still powerful draw for horror at home. In a time where more and more content is switching to digital and streaming only, it’s good to know there’s still a lot of fire left in home video and physical media. So, if Tammy And The T-Rex does well on 4K Ultra HD who knows what future titles and long forgotten cult classics could make the jump as well! Tammy And The T-Rex is set to be released on Black Friday 2019 through their website along with a few other mystery titles at the same time as their annual Black Friday Sale.

Image via vinegarsyndrome.com

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