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iHorror Talks to Tamara Glynn of upcoming ‘Terrifier 2’

by Piper St. James

Thank you so much for talking with us at iHorror, Tamara! You have so many upcoming projects that we are excited to learn more about, so let’s get started!

iHorror: Were you a horror fan when you joined the cast of Halloween 5?

Tamara: It was my mom who introduced me to horror so I was familiar with the franchise. At the time I was packing to leave for Miami for a role on Miami Vice and I got a call from my agent, and they said you have an audition for Halloween 5. I thought it was so cool!

So I did my audition before leaving for Florida, and while I was in Miami I got a call saying I got the part!

Tamara Glynn on the set of Halloween 5

Tamara Glynn in Halloween 5

iHorror: After Halloween 5 fans of the genre noticed you took a hiatus.

Tamara: Following the movie, I moved back to Arkansas shortly after with my mom. We found out my grandfather had cancer. I sacrificed a lot and gave up my career. Fortunately, I’ve always been able to stay in front of camera doing commercials or behind the camera.

This is the love of my life, this is all I know.

iHorror: I loved Howl of a Good Time, one of the stories in the anthology Charlotte (available to watch on Netflix.) I feel like I can relate so much to the 10-year-old girl who sneaks into the movie theater through the back door to watch a horror movie.

(And I absolutely love when you tell her at the ticket booth she’s not old enough for the screening and that she should come back the next day to see Frozen. Adorably her first thought isn’t the Disney film, it’s Adam Green’s horror movie Frozen.)

How did you get involved in this anthology?

Tamara: Patrick Rea, who is an amazing writer and director, wanted to do something with me. As a result he wrote Howl of a Good Time for me. This was my comeback to the genre after all of those years. It was my return to film.

Tamara Glynn in make up for Howl of a Good Time, part of the anthology of shorts in Charlotte

iHorror: I have done interviews with Terrifier 2’s David Howard Thornton and Rick Styczynski. I feel like I’m slowly making my way down the cast list. Many of the actors on Terrifier 2 are contracted with Monster Memorabilia and Entertainment.

How was it working with everyone?

Tamara: I love David (Howard Thornton), he’s like my brother. Him, Damien (Leone), and the producers who I’ve known since 2013 are all like part of my family.

(laughs) I was sitting there on set taking pictures of Damien and David as Damien was applying David’s make up.

David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown and Tamara Glynn in a Halloween Michael Myers mask!

iHorror: It was a great surprise to hear you were added to the cast of Terrifier 2! How did you get involved with the sequel?

Tamra: Damien knew I wanted to be a part of Terrifier 2. He knew how much I supported the original, and we became friends going on a year now, as well as with David.

iHorror: I’m so excited to see Teacher Shortage! The poster is very reminiscent of old school slashers. When can we expect to see the film?

Tamara: Teacher Shortage will be premiering at Houston Horror Film Festival this year. I’ll be a guest there as well as Felissa Rose, in addition to a huge guest line up.

iHorror: You are currently working on The Reunion From Hell, not just as an actress but as a producer. You also have established an indiegogo campaign to help support the cost of the new horror movie, which seems to be a common step in the process for new filmmakers. What can you tell us about this new horror movie?

Tamara: The Reunion from Hell came about in the last month. Director Hayden Newman is a fan of mine and I play his mom in Reunion (laughs).

We also have an amazing cinematographer on Reunion and his name is Anthony Gutierrez

Rick (Styczynski) from 13X Studios is doing the onscreen mask for Reunion, as well as replicas for the indiegogo campaign perks. I’m so pleased as punch that Rick is part of the team.

iHorror: The one sheet from the movie takes me back to the slasher genre that I grew up on. What can you tell me about the artwork that went into it?

Tamara: I work with Austin Hinderliter a lot, and he’s the one who did the amazing one sheet for Reunion. He does most of my graphic works on projects and we all love this one. We are so proud of it.

iHorror: When did you begin attending horror conventions as a guest?

Tamara: The first convention I did was Horror Hound Cincinnati in 2013 and I cried because I was so overwhelmed with the love and kindness from the fans.

Actually, my mom passed away in February of that year and I did Horror Hound in March. Being an only child God knew I was going to need these fans because my mom was my best friend, she was my rock.

Until August 2012 I didn’t know my fan base existed because I was raising my son and working in commercial production.

iHorror: Do you have a memorable moment from any of the conventions you’ve attended?

Tamara: The coolest thing to me is that it’s so generational. I was just at Cult Classic in Texas a few weeks ago and unbeknownst to me one of my biggest fans is 8-years-old (laughs).

iHorror: Do you get to see your fellow costars at the conventions?

Tamara: Not as much as you would think. I see Danielle occasionally. I have a couple of conventions coming up with them. It has also enabled me to see more of my peers like Felissa (Rose.) It’s fun when you get to see your peers and catch up.

iHorror: Are there any conventions you’d like to attend?

Tamara: I would love to attend Florida’s Spooky (Empire.)

iHorror: You are very gracious and so appreciative of your fans, and you’re always updating your Instagram @tamglynn to keep everyone in the loop.

Tamara: I love social media because it has given me the opportunity to connect to with so many amazing fans and filmmakers.

Well Tamara, that’s all I have for you today. Thank you so much Tamara for letting us take some of your time. We can’t wait to see what the world of horror holds for you! It sounds like you’re going to be very busy this year!

To stay updated with Tamara’s latest projects follow her Instagram @TamGlynn!

To contribute to the indiegogo campaign for The Reunion From Hell please visit this link. They have some great perks at very reasonable prices!

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