With the release of all five Phantasm movies on VOD today, and Remastered/Ravager coming out on a limited theatrical run on Friday, I thought I’d look back on one of the late, great, Angus Scrimm’s lesser known TV appearances. Way back in 2004, Angus appeared in several spooky minimalist bumpers and promos for a three hour marathon on Halloween night of the freakiest Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes.


Which only makes sense, what with both franchises being the epitome of surrealism. The fun thing about it was that he did it in pure Tall Man mode, making the occasional quote or allusion. Some bumpers were even just him giving the trademark eyebrow raise and glare to the viewer! It was very fun, very creepy, and easy to see that Angus was having a ball as host.

The season finale of Aqua Teen Hunger Force that year having more than a bit of a shout-out to the beloved horror series as well. Titled ‘Spacegate’ or just ‘Carl’, it follows Carl, the Aqua Teens portly, rude New Jersey neighbor as he goes into their home while babysitting Meatwad’s toys. He finds an actual Phantasm spacegate in Frylock’s room where he’s tempted by a shapely lady’s arm… who proceeds to flay him alive! What a way to bring in Halloween.

Check out the other promos here and here!