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Unmasked collectibles has given us a reason to be terrified of the pitter patter of little feet especially if they occur in the middle of the night… and even more so if they belong to a tiny doll named Tina who really doesn’t like you.

I have always had a weak spot in my bladder for unexpected supernatural related run ins with either creepy old ladies who love eating souls (as opposed to hard candy) and dolls hell-bent on stealing souls or just killing the hell out of everything they doesn’t like.

Season five episode six of “The Twilight Zone” gave the world a reason to be wary of dolls.

When little Christy brings home a creepy little doll named Talky Tina, Eric (Telly Savalas) does everything in his power to get rid of the doll after she starts annoying and threatening him. No matter what he does the doll manages to come back.

Savalas didn’t have a soft spot for Tina in this classic episode. I’m sure after you get this little nightmare home you will make sure to be on your best behavior so that Tina keeps you in her good graces.

18-inch tall Talky Tina comes with all the creepy features that made her fuel for nightmares, including eyes that open and close and all the original catch phrases.

Talky Tina replica is available for $139.99 over at Unmasked Collectibles.” Without her, you may never enter The Twilight Zone. “