‘Tales from the Hood 3’ Coming in 2020

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Everyone has their personal favorite sub-genres of horror, whether that be zombie films, slashers, or the rare films focusing on murderous baked goods. For me, one of the best is the anthology, a movie that packs in multiple short stories.

While an uneven feature film can lose you as time goes on, an anthology usually offers multiple chances for fun, as even if one story doesn’t hit, another will start soon that just might. An underrated anthology is 1995’s Tales from the Hood.

Long out of print on DVD and nowhere to be found on the major streaming services, Tales from the Hood became obscure, that is until the success of 2017’s Get Out made the market for horror with a social message heat up once again.

Since, Tales from the Hood has gotten a nice Scream Factory Blu-Ray, and last year saw the release of a sequel from the same creative team. The sequel received mixed reviews, but for those who dug it, there’s now reportedly a third film in the works.

The news comes courtesy of Production Weekly (with a hat tip to Bloody Disgusting). Tales from the Hood 3 is said to shoot this fall in Canada, with a planned release sometime in 2020, just in time for the original film’s 25th anniversary celebration.

Tales from the Hood