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We seem to be losing an inordinate amount of horror icons this year, which has included greats like Tom Towles, Robert Z’Dar and Betsy Palmer. Today we’re sad to report that 80s icon Mary Ellen Trainor has passed away, leaving behind performances in some of the decade’s best films.

Trainor was the star of Tales from the Crypt‘s Christmas episode ‘And All Through The House,’ which many (including myself) consider be the show’s very best episode. She played a woman who kills her husband around Christmastime, and subsequently finds herself stalked by a sadistic man dressed as Santa Claus.

Mary Ellen Trainor

The actress also starred in both The Goonies and The Monster Squad, playing Mikey’s mother in The Goonies and Sean’s mother in The Monster Squad. And Trainor’s impressive resume goes on from there, including classics like Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Scrooged, Ghostbusters 2, and Back to the Future Part 2.

Sad to hear we lost Mary Ellen Trainor,” her Monster Squad co-star Andre Gower tweeted out tonight. “She was in a ton of films, but to me, she’ll always be the Mom of The Monster Squad.”

Variety notes that Trainor passed away in her California home on May 20th, though the news is only being reported today. She was just 62 years old, and is survived by her son, Alex; her mother, Jane; and siblings Ned, Jack, Barbara and Carolyn.

All of us here on iHorror send our deepest sympathies to Trainor’s family, friends and colleagues. She truly was a Hollywood icon, and she will be missed.